All of Service Radio Rentals’ radios are Motorola – the longtime industry standard. Motorola radios are “intrinsically safe,” meaning they produce no electric spark that could serve as a point of ignition. As an authorized Motorola dealer, Service Radio Rentals can locate any Motorola radio model for rent or purchase.

The Service Radio Rentals Advantage

  1. We do all of our repairs in-house. This means we have full control and knowledge of the repair process from start to finish.
  2. Our cutting-edge software system allows our technicians to provide services in the field that simply weren’t possible in the past.
  3. All service vans come equipped with a notebook PC, aircard, scanner (for reading bar codes), and printer.
  4. Technicians are in constant, real-time contact with the computer network and its advanced software system, and can feed data about specific items and instruments directly into the system for rapid diagnosis, repair advice, and more.
  5. All of our employees are trained in the highest possible quality control standards.
  6. Service Radio Rentals has over 600 frequencies, which removes the need for customers to get their own licenses

Services Provided

  • 24 Hour Service
  • Long or Short-term Rental
  • Motorola 16/32 Channel Intrinsically Safe Radios
  • Nationwide and Overnight Shipping
  • Local delivery
  • Turnkey Project Communications
  • Custom Programming
  • Radio Repairs and Service
  • Authorized Motorola dealer
  • Rate Inclusive with Accessories
  • Quantity and long Term Discounts
  • On-site Service