Service Radio Rentals seeks to provide the highest quality service in every industry it serves. To facilitate this, we have made a point of becoming extremely knowledgeable about these industries so that we can provide specialized service for each.


Petroleum industryTurnarounds are our specialty. At Service Radio Rentals we help the petroleum industry achieve faster turnarounds by providing smooth, trouble-free communication between crews.

At Service Radio Rentals we help the petroleum, oil, and gas industry to achieve faster turnarounds by providing smooth, trouble-free communication between crews. Or, to put it differently: We save petroleum companies from hemorrhaging millions of dollars due to miscommunications and misunderstandings. Although our radio rentals aren’t promoted within the industry as safety enhancing, they do, in fact, provide added safety by keeping turnaround crews in contact with each other while on assignment.


Chemical industryIn the hazardous environment of the chemical industry, it’s essential for personnel to keep in constant contact. We provide customized solutions to achieve this.

In the hazardous environment of the chemical industry, it’s essential for personnel to remain in constant communication with each other. At Service Radio Rentals we’re equipped with the knowledge and expertise to meet and exceed this need, and have developed multiple customized communication solutions to increase reliability, improve safety, and more effectively maintain equipment.

Many of today’s manufacturing facilities, including chemical plants, feature one or more “intrinsically safe” areas where flammable gases, vapors, and liquids are stored and manufactured. These hazardous areas require extreme caution, and that’s why it’s of critical important to use intrinsically safe (spark-free) Motorola radios like those provided by Service Radio Rentals. It’s also critically important to ensure that these radios are in top working quality – a service we famously provide at all hours, in all locations.

Power / Energy

Power industryWe keep station operators in constant contact with their crews for coordinating activities, responding to contingencies, and maintaining safety.

Reliable communication is an essential part of a power station operator’s duties. Operators have to stay in constant contact with members of their work crews who frequently perform delicate and dangerous repairs on mechanical and electrical equipment. Two-way radios are the simplest and most reliable tools for coordinating the activities of workers throughout the facility, since they allow for immediate responses to any and all situations that arise. Service Radio Rentals provides reliable communication solutions to meet all of these needs.


PaperAs in our work with the petroleum industry, we help the paper and pulp industry to complete its turnarounds with maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

Service Radio Rentals’ foothold in the paper industry is rapidly growing into a significant presence, and it’s easy to see why. Outages are as important in this industry as they are in the petroleum industry, so it’s only natural that more and more paper companies are turning to Service Radio Rentals with its reputation for providing the finest communication services in the business. As we’ve said, outages are our specialty – in any industry.


Other industriesWe will bring our experience and expert knowledge to any industry that’s seeking a top-notch, reliable communication solution. Contact us to talk with a member of our staff about how we can best serve you.