At Service Radio Rentals it’s our business to solve communication problems for the industrial and petro-chem industry. Service Radio Rentals redefines the word service in the industry. Our experience and expertise enable us to offer five major types of communication solutions, covering the full range of your possible needs:

  • Emergency Solutions – It’s a fact: emergencies do happen. Read about how we can help you successfully deal with them.
  • Turnaround Solutions – Effective, quality communication is essential for a quality turnaround.
  • Long Term Solutions – Need two-way radios for a long-term situation? We’re there for you.

Two-way radio communications are vital to multiple industries and situations. Whatever the industry you work in and whatever the situation that confronts you, at Service Radio Rentals we strive to fulfill all of your communication needs. We know industrial contractors work hard and often come up with unexpected needs in the heat of the moment. That’s why we hire people right out of the communications industry, so that we’ll always have the best experts in the world standing by with solutions to any need or situation you might encounter.

As a leader in this industry, with more than a decade of highly successful operations and a solid team of rental experts, we know that two-way radios are by far the most economical way to increase safety, improve efficiency, and boost production. With an effective, reliable communication solution in place, you’ll finish your projects on time, run an effective business, and save millions. The opposite also applies: in an industry where delays of even a single day can mean the difference between success and failure, a poor communication solution – or worse, no solution at all – can lose you millions.