Industries We Serve

Service Radio Rentals’ special services are tailored to meet the needs of each of the following industries:


Petroleum industry

We provide customized communication solutions to help petroleum refineries maximize efficiency and minimize costs.


Chemical industry

Our communication solutions help to minimize loss, maximize efficiency, and maintain safety inside the hazardous environment of the chemical industry.


Power industry

We help the power industry fulfill two essential functions: ensuring equipment is always maintained in top condition; second, ensuring the safety of its employees.


Paper industries

We help to facilitate overall communication functions within various sectors of the paper industry.


Other industries

We will bring our experience and expert knowledge to bear in any industry that’s seeking a top-notch, reliable communication solution.

Communication Solutions

With our extensive product line and experienced team of experts, we’re prepared to meet your two-way radio needs for each of the following challenges:

Service Radio Rentals provides reliable communication solutions along with 24/7 support to assist your company in the event of an emergency.
Long Term
We can arrange for long term rentals to fill almost any length of time.
Industrial Blind
We offer Industrial Blind Solutions for anyone who has a need for or uses Industrial Blinds.
Our service is specifically designed to assist with turnarounds by helping them go more smoothly, efficiently, and safely.
Short Term
We have short term rental solutions to fit almost any time requirement.
All of our rentals come with a built-in, high-quality, 24/7 service agreement that assures all equipment will be in peak operating condition. You’ll never have to spend another extra hour or dollar on cleaning your two-way communications equipment.